Faces behind MI Carr Studio

Megan Carr

Lead Photographer

As an artist, there's nothing worse than an untold story. Each and every story is as unique and special as the person it is about. My job is to capture and share these moments, these stories. What's the best part you ask? Stories are always changing, growing, thriving! And I get a chance to see them, to share them and just maybe change and grow a bit with them too.


For any artist to succeed at their craft, someone needs to be there to handle the business side of things. To work on the schedule, the bookkeeping, you know all of that "un-fun" stuff that allows the artist to focus on the ART. That's me! The bridge between art and business, artist and client, creator and seeker. 

You have a story, Megan captures it and I bring it all together.

Jason Martin

Business Manager

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