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During this, shall we say "fun" year, we've been looking for ways to either stay sane or entertained. Look no further than your fuzzy friend

Carman Family

Nothing is more precious than family time. When you can get them in coordinating outfits it's even better!

Vroom Vroom

When you think of engagement photos, motorcycles don't usually pop up. But for this couple that was my very first thought. Both Nick and...

Rodriguez Family

It truly is a small world. We just met a family that lives a few towns over from where I grew up and took their photos in Lake Placid NY.

80's Totally Rad Prom

If you're going to have a fundraiser, make it a prom. Then make that prom theme the 80's.

I Didn't Do IT!

Art in the Public Eye put on the shadow cast of Clue on November 1st & 2nd.

Bigger Picture

Recently one of my friends purchased a car that she has been dreaming of owning since the dawn of time! A 1978 Volkswagen Super Beetle.

24 Hour Play Fest

Every year Art In the Public Eye, APE for short, hosts the 24 hour play fest in Glen Falls, NY. It's typically the last Saturday of...

Chapter 4: Snow Day

Snow days were a breath of fresh air and the best when you are growing up. They meant that you got an extra day off from school. The...

Chapter 3: Saying Good-Bye

By now you should know a little about me. In a quick nutshell I'm sarcastic as hell, (probably going to hell but at least it's warm) a...

Chapter 2: Resolutions

Happy New Year! As the final words are written for 2018, take a minute to think back on it. How was it? Did you finally get that dream...

Chapter 1: Raw, Exposed, Real

What is one question you can never escape? And this question has been asked most likely since before you were born too. Take a minute and...

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