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Chapter 2: Resolutions

Happy New Year!

As the final words are written for 2018, take a minute to think back on it.

How was it? Did you finally get that dream job? Or how about going somewhere on your bucket list? Did you lose someone close to you? Find out something about someone you love that isn't great?

The 2018 book closed. Whether it was your best year or worst it's over. The only thing you can do now is open it up and look fondly back on the good entries and learn from the bad ones.

When you are starting your 2019 book, how do you want it to play out? Take this time to plan how this story should go. And sure there's always plot twists with any story, allowing them to change at a moments notice. Honestly, that's how to keep everyone entertained.

My story for 2019 is starting with an ending. I will be saying good bye to a job I have know for well over a year now. I've learned so much from this job and am thankful for the many experiences I've received from it. I was able to add to my family and make life long friends. I am a better person today because of these new friends. They have helped me in so many ways already and we barely know each other!

With every ending comes a new beginning (remember I like cliches) and my new beginning is to make myself and my well being a priority. I have been a "yes man" and have been walked all over too many times to count.

Believe it or not but I've been working on this web site for over 2 years. I pushed it off time and time again to helps others or my job. I reached my breaking point back in November and questioned why everything else was more important then my own happiness and what I want.

So here goes my resolutions for 2019:

- Put myself (happiness) first

- Not let my job get in the way of my life and time with friends/family

- Lose weight (I feel this is mandatory for every year)

- Start living and stop letting everything pass me by!

So what resolutions are you going to set?

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