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Chapter 4: Snow Day

Snow days were a breath of fresh air and the best when you are growing up. They meant that you got an extra day off from school. The possibilities were endless, from getting to sleep in to playing in the snow and warming up with a huge cup of hot coco at the end of the day.

Another great way to spend time in the snow is with your fur babies. Watching them hop around and act so goofy because there's new and exciting stuff building up outside!

My pup loves the snow. The first thing he'll do is stick his nose in it and do his best impression of a blood hound. He has to keep us safe for the evil squirrels!

The most important thing he needs to have the most fun in the snow...his sweaters! He gets so excited once we grab one, that once it's on he runs (more like bounces like a bunny) to the door and then he's off for the races!

You would never guess he's over 10 years old!

But as you grow older, snow days have a different meaning. Most adults say that the S word (meaning snow) is equivalent to a swear word! If only we could see these day with the child like wonder for our entire lives. But growing up means that you have to manage the snow, not just play in it. And from experience I can say that cleaning up snow can be a big pain in the butt, but it still has beauty. If only more people would take a moment to stop and look around to see this beauty. Maybe then there'd be more much needed positivity in this world.

So stop and grab a snowflake on your tongue the next time it snows. Breathe in that moment and let all the bad shit of that day wash away.

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