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It's A...

Reveal parties can be more stress than what new mom's and dad's need. Kelly and her family figured that out about halfway through planning. One thing led to another and they ended up going with a quick, easy, and simple photoshoot at the beautiful Shelving Rock Falls.

We had a perfect day for this mini-hike and photoshoot. It wasn't that hot out and the sun ended up being in the right spot when needed!

Surprisingly there weren't that many people out on a hike either. We never had to fight for the perfect spot to get any photos. I did learn one very important thing during this hike, it's not a great idea to go on any type of hike after 4 months of quarantining and not doing too much. I was very out of breath when we were walking back up the not so high hills of this hike. Everyone was so nice and thankfully I was able to hide most of my dying until I got back in my car!

Kelly and Dylan were awesome to hang out with. I really got to know them in such a short time. Kelly would say it was because she was a bit nervous so she talks a bunch. Honestly, it helped me figure out where to have them pose and helped both of us become a bit more comfortable with one another. Besides, if Kelly wasn't talking I was. So I'd say we were both a bit nervous but made it through in the end.

Thank you Kelly and Dylan for an awesome evening and a much needed hike. I know you guys will be awesome parents to your beautiful...


Sophia Raine, a beautiful name for a beautiful growing family.

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