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We Dance...Finish Him!

This has definitely been an let's say interesting year so far. Who knew that only half a year could feel like 10 all at once! All kidding aside for a moment, I do hope everyone and their families are safe and well.

Quarantining has been a necessary evil we've all had to endure. Some have thrived and others have woken up in the middle of the night with an itchy trigger finger. That's me. My trigger finger (to take photos) is itchy. If you were thinking anything different then wow you are dark! (Kidding...well sort of)

Anywho, a sad thing that has come from quarantining is canceled concerts, recitals, shows, craft fairs, etc. These are all events that bring us together letting us know there are others out there with the same interests as us. Making us feel as though we are not the only weirdos left in the world.

Or in this case, a bunch of little girls showing off their awesome dance skills they have just learned for a recital. My friend's daughter's recital was canceled and she reached out to me to see if we could maybe take a few photos of her doing the routine. Before my brain could even process what she was asking, my hands were already texting back "YESSSSSSS!"

It's not always fun to dance to a routine meant for a big group alone. I don't blame her for only wanting to do a few poses and not the dance. I was a super shy kid and barely wanted to do anything where I would be on display. Thanks to past job experience and my love of photography I was able to break out of my shell (to an extent) and I feel more comfortable working on projects and just talking to people in general. Better yet I feel comfortable getting up on a concrete public stage (where there were others around) dancing with only one other person to the "Cha Cha Slide" and Venga Boys "We Like To Party". And I'd gladly do this to help one little girl start to find her confidence to pose in her adorable recital dress!

Taking photos on a stage is fun, but what's better is when that stage is in the middle of a park! I also don't blame her for not wanting to take dancing photos when getting a chance to go to a park. Especially since we've all been shut in for several months. It just so happens that I also brought along some props to make things more interesting. Oh boy did it work too! Who knew a few blow-up lightsabers would be interesting in the hands of both kids and adults? Well yes everyone knew it, it just felt like that question should be asked!

But as usual, the children win the day kicking the butts of the adults. This is not only fun but makes for very adorable photos! Check the link below to see all of the photos taken this day. Bonus, I went crazy and edited some to make them look a bit more "realistic" in the fight scenes. The downside is that they don't pop too much on beautiful sunny days.

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