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During this, shall we say "fun" year, we've been looking for ways to either stay sane or entertained. Bonus points if you found something that does both.

Look no further than your fuzzy friends! They are an endless source of entertainment and completely full of love. Your sanity might still be lost depending on how much you talk to your pet. It really goes out the window when they respond back!

Getting a puppy is a great way to learn if you are patient or not and how well you can balance when something runs under your feet all day long. Take Lady over there. She's an adorable German Sheperd that is growing like a weed. Her favorite place to be, under her mom's feet. If her mom accidentally trips on her or steps on a paw, it is the end of the world for this little lady. Well, that is until Momma kisses the boo-boo all better so we can do it again!

It is so much fun watching Lady and the goofball that is her Boxer sister Daisy. They both run around all over the place and love "fighting" with one another. Daisy is quickly showing Lady how to dog and get in trouble while getting away with it. See the trick is to be adorable and lovable at the same time. If you can throw in a few puppy dog eyes then you are golden!

It was a day full of laughs as we were watching these two run around playing and enjoying life. Check out all (well all that I deemed were adorable) of their photos in the link below!


Cuteness overload will happen when you click on the link!

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