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Recently one of my friends purchased a car that she has been dreaming of owning since the dawn of time! The years that I've known her she's been going on about owning an old school late 70's Volkswagen Bug. And yes it had to be red!

The other day she asked me to go see this amazing 1978 Volkswagen Super Beetle all the way in if you don't know, we both currently live in upstate New York. This was, with no traffic, a 4 1/2 hour way. Because we are the 2 luckiest ladies in the world, this trip took us way over 5 hours to get there. And because we always make the best decisions, we made this day trip after we both worked an overnight shift at work. Between the traffic we hit in Jersey and the several sever rain storms we drove through and lack of sleep we both had I'm surprised it didn't take longer!

Road trips are always great when you are traveling with friends. In my opinion the journey is so much better than the destination. My friend would disagree with me for this trip because this is where she fell in love for the second time once we hit the destination. I was good company and all but I ain't no classic super bug!

And going along with our wonderful luck, it was pouring when we got there. So no way to take her out for a spin. But we were able to check her out entirely because the owner kept her in a storage unit a minute away from his house.

Now this was a huge decision and she needed to check every inch of this car to make sure it was good. Luckily she is about to marry a car mechanic who knows how to not only fix these old cars but also build them. Understandably she would want his opinion before dropping the cash for the car. Too bad he had to work that day. So we left empty handed and wet, back to New York just so they could travel back a week later to look at the car again!

To summarize, we drove down to Pennsylvania, in a day trip, to look at a car that she had no intention

on buying without her fiance's go ahead. All the while with very little sleep and in the middle of several rain storms. And for what? For her to drive down the next week with her fiance to look at the car again. Thankfully when they went the next week the weather was much better there, so they were able to take it for a spin! In the middle of that day I receive a text with no words but a picture of this bug on a trailer. At that moment I knew her dream came true and she finally got the car of her dreams!

Fast forward a few more weeks and I finally got to take a ride in the bug and even got the pleasure to take some photos of it. It was so cool driving around town and have people stop and smile in your direction. At first you think oh hey I'm looking good today and then you realize they are looking at the shiny car and can careless about you. It's still cool and a bit humbling at the same time.

Now that she has a standard car that work well, she is realizing she needs to buy another new car to replace her beater. Because let's be honest, she's not going to be driving that bug around in any weather other than beautiful sunshine! Her beater has also lived a full life with well over 200,000 miles on it.

With this friend in my life I will never run out of interesting stories to tell.

Just a bug chilling up at Bolton Landing next to Lake George
Dream Come True

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