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Carman Family

Nothing is more precious than family time. When you can get them in coordinating outfits it's even better!

The Carman Family is just that. They don't always get along like every family, but they do try their hardest to make time for one another. This year they decided to surprise their Wonder Woman of a mother with family photos of her kids and grandkids. How they were able to keep it a secret from her too was very impressive. Again their mom is Wonder Woman!

Not a kid in site!
Bubble Wars!

I've know this family for some time now, and I can say this was a fun shoot. We moved all around Crandall Park in Glens Falls, NY to get the perfect shots. We got everything they wanted and more. There was even a mini bubble war going on at one point. Best part of the war had to be when the children went off to sit with Jason and not partake in the fun.

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