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Rodriguez Family

The expression, It's a small world, is so true in so many ways. Jason and I recently got to meet an awesome family and take some Christmas photos for them. The small world bit comes from the fact they live a few towns away from where I grew up!

This is one of the sweetest families I've ever met before. Everyone was super polite and willing to get frost bite for the sake of the matching sweaters! Their pup even had the same sweater! He was such a sweet boy too. He never barked once, but did have a few diva moments and didn't want to look at the camera until he was ready!

We got super lucky with this shoot because we all met up in Lake Placid NY and it ended up being a beautiful sunny day. The only downside was it was super cold! You can't tell from their expressions though which is awesome, but they are all freezing. Jason was standing by just off to the side with all of their jackets to try and keep them as warm as possible. The only other downside to Lake Placid in November is the days are so short and the sun sets way too fast! There were so many other places we wanted to take the Rodriguez family but couldn't due to the blasted mountains that make the photos amazing but block the sun causing it to get dark there faster!

You always have to make the best out of any situation and I believed we did. We met an awesome family, got them nice family photos and have fun doing it too. If everything worked out perfectly all the time then we wouldn't have fun stories to tell!

A big thank you to the Rodriguez family. I hope you enjoy the photos, we had a lot of fun taking them and getting to know you!

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