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Vroom Vroom

When you think of engagement photos, motorcycles don't usually pop up. But for this couple that was my very first thought. Both Nick and Katrina are awesome bikers with an old school feel. So naturally I needed to incorporate their favorite toys in their photos.

These guys are one interesting couple. Very typical old school Italian. You go to their house and will be asked at least 3 times if you want something to eat or drink. And then another 3 times before you leave...the last 3 times are very likely because they forgot they asked the first time! It's awesome watching them together. The playful bickering with the yes dears make hanging out amazing. These two were meant for one another!

They have some special interests too. We already covered that they both ride vroom vroom bikes, but they also have a taste for classic cars and huge love animals. Katrina is the proud owner of a 1978 Volkswagen Super Beetle. It drives like a dream and is 100% a conversation starter. It's a lot of fun to ride around town with the top down, seeing everyone's smile and enjoy the moment. They have a lot of fun with it. Her mom even got custom plates so everyone knows who's bug that belongs too!

Jason and I had a lot of fun laughing the entire time for this shoot! Nick and Katrina are amazing sports and great to get along with. They jumped at the opportunity for those out of the box photos, like the one where Katrina's Bug is eating her! It makes for a great ring shot though. I can't wait until they get married and start that next chapter in their lives. Thank you both for the laughs and fun photos!

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